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Frequently Asked Questions

About Oak Ridge Estates

Is there a Home Owner's Association (HOA)?

There is no Home Owners Association, just a reasonable set of CC&R’s that allow a minimal main house size of 2,100 square feet.

Are there any Annual Fees at
Oak Ridge Estates?

There is an annual road maintenance fee. Currently the fee is $786 for the period of July 1st , 2022 – June 30th, 2023. The fee is adjusted annually. See the Maintenance Declaration for more details.

Do you maintain a waiting list for your lots and homes?

We maintain an interest list of people who have contacted us, but we do not utilize any form of waiting list for any particular lot or home.

Does Oak Ridge Estates have views?

Every lot and home in Oak Ridge Estates offers incredible views.

Where is Oak Ridge Estates located?

Oak Ridge Estates is conveniently located 7 miles West of downtown Atascadero, and 14 miles East of the beaches of  Morro Bay. This unique location provides temperatures that are 10-15 degrees cooler in the summer, and 10-15 degrees warmer in the winter, than other North County locations. 

Are City Services Available?

Police, Fire, Recreation, and other Public Services are provided by the City of Atascadero.

What Utilities/Services are Available at Oak Ridge Estates?

Electricity - Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Natural Gas - Southern California Gas Company

Water - Atascadero Mutual Water Company

Television – Satellite or Internet

Internet - Wireless and Satellite Providers

Telephone - AT&T

Trash & Recycling - Waste Management, Inc.

Waste Water - On-site individual lot septic systems

Buying a Lot and Building a Home FAQS

If I buy a lot, how soon do I have to build?

You can build on your lot at any time in the future. Many buyers are thinking ahead to building when they can move to the area, retire, or work from home.

What is the Process to Buy a Lot at Oak Ridge Estates?

After visiting Oak Ridge Estates and finding the available vacant lot for your new home please contact sales and let us know which lot you would like to start the purchase process for. Before entering into a Purchase Agreement you will need to review all the applicable project documents including the California Department of Real Estate Public Report, Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions, Design Guidelines, etc. When you are ready to move forward with the purchase we can verify that your selected lot is still available and prepare a Purchase Agreement. Standard agreement terms require a $10,000 deposit and a 30-day escrow. Upon entering escrow a 17-day inspection period will begin. At the end of that inspection period the deposit provided will become non-refundable. Sorry, but we do not accept contingency agreements based on the sale of another property.

Do I need a Real Estate Agent at Oak Ridge Estates?  

You are not required to utilize a Real Estate Agent. We provide the applicable  pre-approved documents, disclosures, and agreements. We do recommend however that  if there is any information you do not understand or is not clear that you seek the advice from a licensed legal or real estate professional.

Can Castlerock Development build a different home plan?

We could do so under special circumstances, but we typically suggest you find another builder that can focus on your specific plan and lot.

How can I schedule a tour of Oak Ridge Estates ot view available lots?

Due to the high demand for Real Estate in San Luis Obispo County, and the especially-high demand for Oak Ridge Estates Homes and Lots, we recommend the following:


  • Please carefully review, visit, and experience the geography of the entire Central Coast.

  • Assess your budget to confirm you have the resources to purchase a lot and build a 2,100+ square foot home, or purchase a lot plus home package.

  • Visit Oak Ridge Estates and verify it meets all your expectations geographically.

  • Read the CC&R's and Design Guidelines for Oak Ridge Estates, at the bottom of this page to be sure you are satisfied with the requirements. Note that there is no Homeowners Association.

  • Study all the details on our website to get as many questions answered as possible from the content provided.

  • Contact us with any remaining questions regarding a specific lot.

  • We often receive calls from people that are visiting the Central Coast to look at properties that would like to schedule a tour.  Although we would like to accommodate everyone, we can only schedule a lot tour after you have personally driven through the Oak Ridges Estates property and determined this is the place for your new home.

Can I put a manufactured home on my lot?

Oak Ridge Estates CC&R's does not allow for manufactured homes.

What is the minimum home size at Oak Ridge Estates?

Oak Ridge Estates allows homes over 2,100 square feet.

If I buy a lot at Oak Ridge Estates will Castlerock Development build my home for me?

If a Castlerock Development standard plan will fit well on your purchased lot, and Castlerock Development has the resources available, we can discuss entering into a mutually agreeable construction contract to build your new home for you. 

What Purchase Agreement is used between the buyer and the seller at Oak Ridge Estates? 

The Purchase Agreement is pre-approved for Oak Ridge Estates by the California Department of Real Estate and is the only Purchase Agreement we are allowed to use by law.

How long does it take to build a new home at Oak Ridge Estates?

Using a standard Castlerock Development plan a home could  be completed as soon as five months, plus the time required to obtain government approvals.

Can we buy a completed home at Oak Ridge Estates instead of buying a lot and building?

We often build homes on lots and sell them as a package, but we don’t typically take a deposit on them or sell them until they are almost complete. We typically price each home as it nears completion.

View the Oak Ridge Estates CC&R's and Documents

CC&R Amendment
Design Guidelines
Road Maintenance Agreement
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