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It won't take you long to discover why Oak Ridge Estates, a community like no other on the Central Coast, is a very special place and the perfect setting for the home of your dreams.

How fortunate to live in California. Better yet, along California's Central Coast in a peaceful country setting preserved for you off scenic coastal Highway 41 - Morro Bay in one direction and Atascadero in the other.

This feels like home.

This is where you belong.

Ten years of precision planning to achieve access to this secluded locale - and now Oak Ridge Estates is made available - a limited offering for a select few to discover.

Imagine a community of just 111 home sites, on up to 10 acre lots, located in a rich setting of oak woods and grassy knolls. You are invited to be among the fortunate few who will have the chance to secure your own piece of this pristine land and the home that suits your every imaginable need.

Each individual custom-style home has been meticulously designed in every detail - anticipating the demands of your contemporary lifestyle, and reducing the uncertainties associated with managing custom home building, including design, approval and construction. Your home will be unique to you - showcasing your specialized needs with new standards of elegance and luxury living.

Your dream begins by simply selecting from one of Oak Ridge Estates Classic California homes! Enjoy adding a personal touch to your distinguished home by selecting from a multitude of options.

Discover Oak Ridge Estates and make the very best use of your valuable time - fully enjoying your new home, and the Oak Ridge Estates community, with the people you love. This is where your imagination becomes reality.

The choice is yours.